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Six Fun Features to Consider When Building Your New Custom Home

Posted by Elise Kloster on Jun 20, 2017 3:54:00 PM

03D99015.jpgSix months ago, you landed the job of your dreams in a new location. Since this joyous occasion, you and your family have lived in a rented house. Now, you’re finally ready to build your dream home in your new, adopted hometown. If you can relate to this scenario, you might be busy selecting furnishings for your house. During this thrilling process, consider the following distinctive custom features that can add both beauty and function to your new place.

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Bay Window

Do you desperately desire to maximize the natural light in your new home? Installing a gorgeous bay window is a wonderful way to accomplish this task. This feature is actually a set of three windows, angled out and away from your home. Besides providing your space with stunning, natural light, bay windows give you additional space for storage or seating. You can install a bay window in virtually any room in your home, but they’re particularly popular in living rooms and bedrooms.


Breakfast Nook

Informal dining spaces are trendy right now. Many families are forgoing building formal dining rooms in their new homes altogether. They’re swapping the traditional, formal dining room for open floor plans, large kitchen islands, and breakfast nooks. Building a breakfast nook will provide you with a cozy, casual space to eat meals or drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Installing a built-in bench can save space in your breakfast nook and add charm and character to it.


Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling can transform an ordinary space into an elegant showroom. Also referred to as a recessed or an inverted ceiling, a tray ceiling contains a center section that is several inches—or even feet—higher than the areas around the perimeter of the room. This architectural design can make a ceiling in a room a focal point. This design works best in larger rooms with high ceilings and is popular in master bedrooms.


Bonus Room

Nowadays, many families desire multiple living spaces in their homes. Perhaps you want a workout space, or you might desire a playroom for your little ones. Incorporating a bonus room in your new home can provide you with the extra, functional space you need. If you have a great room on your main level, you might benefit from building a bonus room on your second floor.


Radiant Floor Heating

On harsh, winter days, do you dread getting out of bed and walking on cold floors? If keeping your feet toasty during the cold weather months is a priority, consider installing radiant floor heating in your new home. Many homeowners choose to install this type of heating in their bathrooms.


Dog Washing Station

Do you have a furry friend who is an integral part of your family? Although you may adore your pooch, you probably don’t want him or her to track muddy paw prints through your new home. To avoid this annoyance, installing a dog washing station is a great idea. You’ll likely wish to put your dog washing station in a laundry room or mud room. These rooms are typically built to withstand moisture. Installing a drain screen in your dog shower to protect your plumbing from your dog’s hair is also crucial.


For some people, building a new home is one of the most exciting and memorable events of their lives. If you’re planning to build a house in the near future, give it the wow factor with one or more of these custom features. 


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