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Kitchen and Bathroom Hardware Trends for Your Custom Home

Posted by Elise Kloster on Aug 2, 2017 1:05:00 PM

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You're planning to work with a custom home builder in the near future. After several years of patiently and doggedly saving money, you’re finally ready to build the home you’ve always wanted. Because you’ve heard kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, you're interested in paying particular attention to every detail in these important spaces. Consider the following kitchen and bathroom hardware trends to give your new custom home the "wow" factor!

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Do you want your kitchen and bathrooms to look opulent? Nothing looks more luxurious than gold hardware. If you don’t like the look of yellow gold, your Omaha home builders can provide you with other options. For instance, rose gold, which has a hint of pink in it, is popular right now. Gold hardware works well when paired with warm or neutral cabinet and wall colors such as red, brown, yellow, or gray.



Brass is making a major comeback. Satin brass is particularly popular. Like gold options, brass hardware looks best when paired with warm and neutral cabinet and wall hues.



Trendy for the past few years, nickel remains the kitchen and bathroom hardware metal of choice for many homeowners. Brushed and satin nickel are the most sought after varieties. Do you plan to purchase stainless steel appliances for your new custom home? Brushed nickel pairs well with stainless steel surfaces. Nickel looks beautiful when accompanied with cool cabinet and wall colors such as blue, green, and violet.



If you’re planning to purchase the same color and style of hardware for your entire kitchen or bathroom, you might want to rethink your decision. Matching all of the hardware in your kitchen and bathrooms can create a monochromatic, boring look. Two or more styles and colors of hardware can add interest and depth to your custom design. For instance, don’t be shy about mixing a nickel faucet with gold cabinet hardware.



Some people are choosing to give the kitchens and bathrooms in their Omaha homes some pizzazz with decorative hardware. Instead of selecting sleek, minimalist pulls for your cabinet hardware, consider searching for ones with decorative creases and tapered backs. Or, you might like knobs and pulls that resemble a classic quatrefoil pattern.


Stand Out

Do you want to ensure the kitchen and bathrooms in your home look decidedly different than anything your neighbors have? If cookie-cutter homes don’t appeal to you, think about buying distinct hardware for your spaces. If you have an artistic flair, you might fall in love with cabinet knobs and pulls featuring painted patterns. Beaded hardware is also an interesting alternative to traditional knobs and pulls. This type of hardware would look dramatic when installed on an antique dresser that has been transformed into a bathroom vanity.


You’ll have lots of decisions to make throughout the custom home building process. Picking out the perfect hardware for your kitchen and bathrooms can make these spaces shine! To learn more about the home building process and discuss building your Omaha custom home, talk with Castle Brook custom home builders today!


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