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How Do I Choose an Omaha Home Builder?

Posted by Elise Kloster on Jul 19, 2016 3:36:26 PM

Exterior cedar street omaha homeIf you are thinking about building a home in the Omaha metro area, how do you know where to start? Whether you are a local or just moving to town, it can be hard to know whether a builder is trustworthy, reliable, and will provide great craftsmanship or how to figure out whether you’ll connect with a certain builder and have good communication.

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Whether you are building your first home or moving into the bigger, more fabulous home of your dreams, you should be able to count on your builder to be your partner every step of the way. If you are designing and building a custom home for you and your family, here are four things to consider when you’re choosing an Omaha home builder. 


Process: The Design/Build Difference

A builder who is involved in the entire design-build process, from start to finish, can help you through the process better than a traditional builder and separate design team. Having a unified design/build team allows you to have one point of contact for everything that goes into designing and building your custom home. Your team can help you find land, get financing (whether through public programs, private lenders, or a combination), develop a home design and floor plan, and oversee your home construction from start to finish. Working together as a team helps everyone stay on schedule and on budget, too, by allowing the design team to have a full picture of construction plans and building details. A full-service design-build team will work with you to make decisions on everything from the floor plan to the finishes—and even help you with professional interior design for your dream home.


Communication: Do Your Styles Match Up?

Your design-build team shouldn’t leave you hanging! Communication with your builder is the key to a good home building experience. Whether you prefer to interact with people personally, over the phone, or via email and text messages, make sure that your communication style clicks with a potential design-build team. Regardless of your chosen method of communication, your builder should get back to you quickly. If a builder doesn’t get back to you in a timely manner before you enter into a contract, you shouldn’t expect them to be a good communicator through the build process! A good communicator should schedule points of contact through the design and construction process on a calendar that works for you and be responsive to you at all points along the way.


Reputation: Quality and Professionalism

Like many other businesses, a quality custom home builder’s business often depends on reputation and word of mouth. A great builder creates relationships as well as quality custom homes. You should research online reviews, testimonials, and referrals from previous clients, rankings in local business guides, Better Business Bureau feedback, and community reputation before you partner with a builder on your own custom home project. Choosing a builder based on price alone can leave you with shoddy (and possibly unsafe) construction, long-term problems, and a difficult, stressful design and build process.


Warrantees: An Ongoing Relationship

Once your home is completed and decorated, and you are able to move your family in, a good builder will maintain a relationship with you. It’s likely that in your home’s first year, it will settle, resulting in some normal new home problems. You may also discover some  minor imperfections that weren’t initially apparent, like faulty closet doors or malfunctioning switches. It’s also possible that something significant, like a furnace or appliance, will turn out to be just plain defective. 

You should look for a builder that offers a warranty to repair or replace minor defects, cosmetic issues, and normal problems that arise in the first year you own your home. Your builder should also pass along and help you understand any other warranties that entitle you to repair or replacement of defective products. Your appliances, fixtures, windows, roof, plumbing, and heating/cooling (HVAC) or other mechanical/electrical systems likely have these sort of manufacturer’s warranties.


Building a home is a personal investment that helps build neighborhoods, strengthen local communities, and secure your family’s future. Make today the day you decide to begin the home building process! Take a look at Castle Brook Builders’ featured subdivisions to explore some exciting new developments in the Omaha, Nebraska area, and browse our gallery of homes to see some of our suggested models. Then, give us a call to arrange a home tour or schedule a consultation about building your own custom Omaha home.


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