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4 Home Builders' Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Master Suite

Posted by Elise Kloster on Nov 1, 2016 1:01:53 PM


Today’s custom homes are often built with luxurious master suites of all shapes, sizes, and features. From rainfall showers to en suite saunas, how do you choose the luxury components that are right for you?

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Combining the best current trends and technology with timeless, high quality features will help ensure that your master suite is a luxury retreat that also enhances the value of your home.


Define Your Priorities

Do you love soaking in a hot bath, complete with heating elements or massaging jets? Would you love coming home to your own sauna or steam shower with multiple adjustable-height and rainfall showerheads?  Your master bathroom doesn’t need to have all the latest amenities, but building your own custom home lets you pick and choose the ones you prefer to suit your own lifestyle.

If you’re a music lover, consider adding a sound system throughout your master suite. This allows you to select and listen to music in every part of your master suite as well as watching movies and television in surround sound. If you like to relax in the bathtub, add built-in touches like an iPad docking station or entertainment center. Intall conveniences around the master bed like USB charging stations and easy-to-control multi-modal lighting solutions that let you adjust the lights with the touch of a button (without getting out of bed).

Low-tech conveniences are important, too! Built-ins like ledges, seating, handrails, and storage keep everything neat and make your bath and shower areas safer and more comfortable for shaving or soaking. Heated floors and towel racks can bring luxury into your bathroom for relatively minimal cost.


Look at Your Layout

For the best functionality, usability, and resale value, your master suite must have a great layout. There should be plenty of space in the main room—enough for any size bed—as well as ample closet space. Multiple “his and hers” closets are popular, especially if they incorporate custom built-in organization systems. Separate lounge areas can incorporate fireplaces, built-in bookshelves, and seating.

Partially open plans are very popular, allowing the attached bathing area to flow naturally into the sleeping and sitting/dressing areas. (Typically, the toilet is enclosed in its own small area.) This continuity and flow allows the use of less traditional upscale bathroom finishes, like hardwood floors, carpeting, elaborate woodwork, and draperies. A practical advantage of an open layout is increased light and ventilation throughout the bath and shower area, improving its atmosphere and reducing problems caused by humidity.


Stick with Your Style

Designing your own master suite allows you to customize not only your amenities but also your style and finishes. Using natural stone like granite, marble, and slate and natural wood finishes will help your suite retain timeless appeal and value. Glass and ceramic tile, metallic accents, and stone elements can also add interest and personality to your overall design. Tile and stonework in a shower or bath add more value and look higher end than pre-manufactured inserts. Similarly, high quality countertops and surfaces are a good investment, since relatively little square footage can make a big impression. Custom details like inlaid wood, tray ceilings, and artisan accents can lend interest and a sense of elegance to a master bedroom.

One of the most popular current trends is a freestanding deep soaking tub. Some have ultramodern, minimalist lines; others have a retro feel with clawfoot styling and vintage-look fixtures. A popular overall design theme is to use upscale fixtures, finishes, and amenities in the bathing areas that you would expect to find only in a home’s more public living spaces, like fireplaces, chandeliers and elaborate light fixtures, rich wallpaper, upscale draperies, and show-stopping art.


Consider Your Environment

Many alternative, renewable materials are also durable, stylish, and cost effective, like bamboo. This material is actually a fantastic choice for a master suite because of its resistance to the harmful effects of humidity. Another cool, environmentally friendly choice is a composite stone material called Lithoverde, which looks like high-end limestone but is actually a composite stone comprised of 99% post-industrial recycled and reclaimed natural material.

Today’s spa bathrooms also make energy efficiency a priority. Options that use less water and improve your home’s efficiency can pay off in monthly savings on your water and heating bills as well as rebates and tax incentives (not to mention long-term increased resale appeal and value). Choices like water-saving plumbing fixtures, tankless hot water heaters, and renewable or recycled materials are all great ways to improve your home while reducing your environmental impact.

Besides considering the well being of the planet, think about your own local environment. Omaha homes need to be comfortable both in the hot, sticky summers in and the cold, snowy winters. When planning your master suite, think about incorporating overhead fans and ventilation options for energy-efficient comfort in summer as well as warming elements for winter like fireplaces and heated floors.


Castle Brook custom home builders in Omaha can help you design and build the perfect master suite for all seasons. One reason we’re among Omaha's best home builders is our included design hours package, which gives you complimentary time with a design professional to help you plan your perfect home. You can use these hours at any time during the planning and construction process, including designing your own perfect master suite!

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